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About us

We are a law firm based in Barcelona, with multidisciplinary character and international vocation.

We help all our clients, whether they are companies or individuals, to efficiently and quickly manage and resolve all their immigration matters.

At Global Legal Consultancy we offer you tailor-made solutions, designed with great professionalism, according to your needs.


Spanish nationality


Spanish nationality can be acquired in various ways. Global Legal Consultancy we help you throughout the process, in order to obtain a quick and favorable resolution. We take care of accompanying you until you obtain your ID!

Foreign Investors

Golden Visa

The Golden Visa is a residence permit obtained through real estate investments, social shares in companies or bank deposits

Check out the immigration opportunity for investors in Spain!

Global Legal Consultancy
Global Legal Consultancy

Family member of Community

The “Community Card” or Community Family Card, can be defined as a residence permit in Spain to which family members of a Spanish or EU citizen can choose.

Specifically, it is usually granted to spouses (whether they are a de facto couple or marriage) and other direct links such as Father, Mother and Children.

Family Reunification

Residence authorization granted to relatives of foreigners residing in Spain, by virtue of the right to family reunification.

Know the requirements that you have to meet to regroup your family members!

Study Visa

Do you want to study in Spain? We carry out the initial application and renewal process for those foreigners who want to carry out studies or research tasks; in addition to the management of the work permit as a student.

Highly Qualified Professional

For foreign professionals with a higher university degree. Get your residence and work permit through this fast and specific route. Designed for professionals in particular. Doctors, Engineers, Researchers and other highly qualified professionals.

If you want to know if you meet these requirements, contact us and we will help you manage this work permit!

Global Legal Consultancy
Global Legal Consultancy

Non-Profit Residence

For those foreigners with sufficient financial means and without intention to carry out work activity.

Manage and know all the requirements that you have to meet to apply for your Non-Profit visa from the hand of experts.


Regularize your situation in Spain through this exceptional procedure. It is granted to foreign citizens who have been found irregularly in the country for a certain time. Get your documentation!

About us

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Rocio Faks

Lawyer & Founder